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Moline Pest Control

For almost 100 years, Plunkett’s Pest Control has been serving homes and businesses in Moline, Illinois and the rest of the Quad Cities, including BettendorfDavenportRock Island and East Moline.  Our highly effective pest control solutions eliminate insects and rodents and are customized around your particular needs.  Our technicians are very knowledgeable, clocking seventy hours or more of schooling each year so that they can stay up-to-date with our pest control practices. Our two board certified Entomologists contribute to our pest control practices and are ready to serve you. We are here to resolve all of your pest problems, including bees, termites, carpenter ants and spiders in your Moline home or business.

Home Pest Control For Moline And The Quad Cities

Plunkett’s Pest Control provides comprehensive residential pest control service to control insect and rodent infestations in Moline and the Quad Cities.  We will perform a complete inspection of both the interior and exterior of your home and then customize a pest control solution to fit your particular needs as a homeowner. Our year-round plan offers treatments for every season and services in-between seasons if they become necessary, at no extra charge. Our residential pest control services targets household pests common to our region including, but not limited to:

  • Ants

  • Box elder bugs

  • Cockoraches

  • Lady beetles

  • Mice

  • Pantry pests

  • Spiders

Moline Bed Bug Pest Control

Bed bugs are small wingless insects that infest homes and businesses and feed on human blood during the nighttime. They will stow away inside mattresses, clothing, shoes and walls, under floorboards and even behind pictures hanging on the wall. They are becoming more and more of a problem for home and business owners in Illinois and across the country and some species of bed bugs are becoming resistant to insecticides. That’s why we at Plunkett’s Pest Control offer our state-of-the-art bed bug heat treatments to exterminate bed bug populations. We are the industry leaders in the use of heat treatments for bed bug control and our highly effective heat treatments can get rid of your infestation in as little as a day. Along with our heat treatments, we offer comprehensive bed bug control for commercial lodgings, apartment buildings, hospitals, dormitories and even retail shops and other commercial facilities. If you or your customers are finding little red bites on their skin, or seeing reddish-brown spots on the sheets, you could very possibly have a bed bug problem. To save your company’s reputation and protect yourself and your family, contact Plunkett’s Pest Control today for your first appointment to detect bed bug infestations.

Commercial Pest Control In Moline And The Quad Cities

At Plunkett’s Pest Control, we’ve been successful in helping businesses protect their facilities from pest invasion since 1915. We serve the commercial and industrial pest control needs of Moline, as well as the rest of Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. We have served over 20,000 customers across these eight states and our Plunkett-ized technicians receive ongoing training to make sure your business receives the most up-to-date and eco-friendly protection available. We proudly offer commercial pest management services to educational facilities, farms, food service industries, food and beverage processing facilities, grocery stores, healthcare facilities, hospitality facilities, retail stores and property management facilities. For quality pest control in Illinois and across the Midwest, Plunkett’s is the smart choice.

Termite Exterminators Moline IL

Termites are wood destroying insects that are can be very destructive and their damage can result in costly repair bills. Every year, they cause over five billion dollars in damage to structures and very few people realize that there is no coverage on their homeowner’s policy for termite damage. It’s very difficult to determine whether or not you have termites, but often their activity can be seen in darkened or blistered wood, tiny holes in wood accompanied by sawdust and sagging door and window frames. Plunkett’s extensively trained technicians can determine if you have a termite problem and can provide effective treatments to destroy the insects and prevent a termite problem in the future. Our technicians will apply Termidor to treat termite infestations and because this is a non-repellant insecticide, termites will carry it back to their colony, destroying the entire colony. To learn more about our termite control or to schedule your first appointment, please contact Plunkett’s Pest Control today!

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